New broom fresh start

A new year a new beginning thats what I tell myself each year. I religiously write my resolutions, loose weight, read more, exercise more, learn a new recipe each week. It rarely changes and yes of course by the end of January my commitment is slipping but Id never give up.

On one of the many mealtimes over Christmas when my quiet Dad observed me chopping, sauteing vegetables yet again for a meal my kids would pick at and complain then inevitably leave he said “Dont you ever get discouraged that you go to all this effort and they just leave it?” Now my Dad is no cook so this is a task he would never do himself I replied “Of course I do Dad but I will never give up trying to get good food into my kids “ Never give up.

So you always need a goal something to strive to. Because achieving that goal will make you happier and thats the ultimate. Making time for yourself, eating healthier drinking less booze we all know we should do this but I suppose New Year gives us the opportunity to reset our clock. Social media is about perfection or now as it appears to be fashionable for people showing their imperfections like telling the world see “I might look like Ive got my shite together but I haven’t!” For me when Im struggling I do the opposite I ignore people, texts and calls until the dark clouds have lifted. As my life is so busy they do quite quickly but still as Im getting older Im recognizing the signs earlier.

I took a break from all social media for most of December it wasn’t healthy for me. Rather than being a tool to enhance my life it was making me feel worse. I was so consumed by the news and what was going on in the world not even my usual pretty pictures on my dog walks could life my mood. The fog hung heavy I was drinking more than I should and permanently sad it needed to change.

The news daily was changing even hourly we just didnt know what would happen. Couldn’t get excited or plan so much stress. My family were able to come here for Christmas. My immediate family is small but between my sister and I we have made it big with 7 girls under the age of 13. The girls generally get on well but they all have celtic blood so you can pretty much guarantee at some stage there will be tears and tantrums. And the noise levels you never get used to just how loud they are plus now we have a dog thrown into the mix.

So the house was full to bursting. Stroppy teenagers, elderly parents, alcoholic sisters 😉 moody husbands, slime making, screaming girls, neglected cats a dog getting fat from hoovering up all the crumbs. Oh yes it was busy. But just such a lovely time and Im so grateful for every hour since I have spent cleaning up as last year was so different.

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