Ever since living here I’ve loved to walk. For years I’ve pounded my body doing all sorts of aerobics to try and shift the extra pounds but walking although not the most beneficial for that has definitely been the most mentally rewarding. We are lucky we live in a beautiful part of Europe surrounded by green fields and vineyards the changes in the seasons can be seen dramatically. Luxembourg really is a beautiful place.

Whether it be alone or with friends it’s like therapy. My house is a busy house with 4 children, their friends, 2 cats and a dog. Although I secretly love the hussle and bustle it does at times get too much. My lot are not a tidy lot that’s for sure and like any mum I spend much of my time picking things up. I do explode occasionally and for that I feel guilty so to avoid those episodes I go out.

Not for long. Sometimes only half an hour but it focuses me. Calms me down and gives me the time to recharge. When my children were very small and problems were different It wouldn’t be unusual to chuck on some clothes and scoot the whole lot out the door. Whether it be a walk by the river to sooth a crying baby or a walk to the park to release some toddlers energy I found it easier when out of the house. For any parent that has small children although your home is your sanctuary it can also feel like your prison at times. The dishwasher needs to be emptied, clothes folded, breakfast things cleared away. For every task you complete you can always guarantee another will miraculously appear.

Its like running a race only to be told you have to do it again. And all of that on nights of broken sleep. Many times I walked the streets with tears running down my cheeks as I was dog tired and just wanted a break.

But walking always helped eventually my tears would dry Id be able to put things in perspective make my plans for the day. Listening to my children’s chatter and start to enjoy the time out.

Of course Id return home and all those tasks would still be there but I now had the energy. I wouldn’t feel guilty about seating them all round the TV for a Peppa Pig marathon.

Now they are older and problems are different. We still have occasional tantrums but now more hormonal. Slamming doors, blood curling screams as someone has taken something out of someones room…Yep now if Im honest I think its more complicated.

I walk daily if I can sometimes I just listen and appreciate the sound of the birds and nature. Other times I listen to podcasts or music.

I do much of my thinking while Im walking. Thinking about how quickly time flys and how we all have to make the most of our time.

Rather than pushing a buggy I now have Chloe for company and Im thankful that I discovered my love of walking all those years ago. As it doesn’t matter where you live or whatever your circumstance walking is free. Being outside whether you live in a city centre or like me in the country is precious. Walking got me through some dark times and for that I will always be grateful.

Thank you for reading x

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