So, like many women of my generation I plucked my eyebrows to an inch of their lives for years now I have none. I try to “gently and discreetly’ shape and thicken them with pencil as I know they are essential in framing or shaping your face. I can never get them even no matter how hard I try.

A few years ago I thought Id try henna. A very nice lady spent a good hour touching up each brow trying to make them symmetrical. Fussing and pruning I had high hopes… I hadnt looked in a mirror the whole time but when she did the big reveal. Ta Da! I could have cried I looked like angry bird. All you saw was eye brows. Thank the lord they were not permanent. And so.I know people who have huge success with microblading but for me I think Ill just settle for wonky eyebrows.

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