And breath….

So we finally after much debate made it to Spain. Debate as we really didn’t know what new restrictions would come into place so we literally booked it a week before.

We are staying in a place called Tossa ( I know) de Mer about an hour from Barcelona. Lots of comments this week about tossa’s here it hasn’t grown old yet. Gorgeous place very bohemian truly I could given half the chance spend a fortune here. My inner gypsy feels very at home here. Got myself beads, flowing skirt, jacket with sequins can’t wait to debut that in Remich. Daisy is hanging her head in shame with her hippy mum. Been eating lots of seafood drinking far too much no news there but…..Unlike other years compensating by drinking loads of water, taking my vitamins and not falling into bed without taking my makeup off. Truly is a revelation for me as even way into my 40’s I’ve never really mastered the self care more like self abuse. And I have sunbathed.. I can honestly say I have not laid in the sun and read for years. Probably 13 years. The girls entertain themselves in the pool and on devices it truly has been bliss. I’ve read made plans and set myself some goals including finally starting this blog. I do feel well rested and ready for what September has for me.

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