Part 1. Chloe our dawg

I had always wanted a dog but we never got one. My dad was savvy he understood despite the pleas’s, the tears it would be him picking up shite on a cold morning dog walk in the rain. So when I had a family I promised myself one day……To say my kids loved dogs was an understatement. Dog games were a regular occurrence in our house with one of the other on all fours barking or being led by the others by a lead (not round neck I hasten to add) We had every walking, barking, pooping overpriced dog on the market. Christmas and birthday’s that was the go to gift. We went to Weymouth one year which is doggy heaven and it took us forever to walk anywhere as they stopped to pet every dog imaginable. So it was on defiantly the cards. I had a few wobbles as I knew despite them on their knee’s begging “PLEASE MUMMY!!” It would be me doing everything. I struggle as it is at times so knowing it would add to my mountainous workload did daunt me. I think the best bit of advice came from my sister who said “A dog is another thing to feel guilty about” and its so true. Guilt is my most frequent emotion with my kids so I knew full well this would also be the case. But I knew in my heart of heart it was the right time. Pampers and wiping bottoms were a thing of the past and lockdown had made me realize there was a dog shaped jigsaw piece missing from our family. I also loved to walk and having a companion and a driver to push me to get outside appealed to me.

So we started looking at breeds. I loved dogs with character like basset hounds but the slobber quickly put me off. Then one day in the supermarket carpark I pounced on a lady with a beagle. She clearly loved her dog but was very honest about how much work was involved when a dog has hunting in its genes. It went on for months. Then a very good doggy friend spoke to me about adopting a dog. I liked the idea of giving a dog a second chance but didn’t want an older dog with issues and with 4 girls loving it to death didn’t want one who could snap. I contacted a lady here in Luxembourg who rescued dogs from Rhodes. I specified I wanted a young family dog, not too big not too small. Good with kids, cats and other dogs. My search started secretly as I knew as soon as the tribe knew I was looking Id be asked 12 times a day. She sent over a few. Too wolfy looking, too old, too butch looking then one day. She liked leaving voice messages and said that they had found a dog who had 3 puppies who were very young. She sent over the video of 3 puppies, 2 blond and 1 black scampering and playing in a large pen. Then I knew it was fate. She said They were about 8 wks she thought but I had first refusal and had to act quick. Shit honestly as someone who often procrastinated that instantly put me under pressure to persuade my husband. I knew I couldn’t tell the kids until he was sort of onboard. He would never be fully onboard with something that might cause extra work more like one leg in. We completed our tense negotiations with “Basically Debbie on your head be it but don’t come crying to me when the dog is shitting everywhere and nobody is walking it…” So I told the kids, probably the best reaction ever it was like every Christmas and birthday morning rolled into one. We all watched the videos and then had to wait and plan for D day (dawg day) ….. to be contined.

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