So my journey begins

I’ve often thought about writing a blog. I’ve read a few and followed some but self doubt and fear has always stopped me. Who really would be interested in my story?

Why do I think that my life is worth a read? Blooming everyone now can put themselves out there social media doesn’t require talent. Just a WiFi code. My kids are constantly watching Tic Toc and any old saddo can post on that! It drives me crazy the swipe left tribe. My kids just raise their eyebrows and think me the saddo. So the question was did I really want to join that party?

Once a independent, headstrong Leo who travelled, explored had so many occasions when I was seriously out of my depth. The days before the safety blanket of a mobile phone I got myself into so many scrapes which I might share one day. My confidence has diminished over the years being a stay at home mum. Loosing your identity and being accustomed to playing second fiddle to the kids was my normal, My confidence in running my house and keeping the family fed and watered is undoubtedly strong. But out of my comfort zone of kids stuff and cooking I worried. Once able to recite a comical anecdote to a pub full of strangers I just lost it. I was so used to the comfortable fold of my home. My girls by far my greatest achievement are growing up so now it was time to shift gear and focus more on me, So now with encouragement from forever friends who believe in me. I’m ready to share parts of my life. I think in my 46 yrs I have acquired some wisdom. I’m not perfect, my stories might not always be for the faint hearted. My recommendations will be what works for me and my experience. So pick and choose what you like and thank you for taking the time to read my waffle.

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