What topics do you like to discuss?

I love the word “topic” such a funny word.

In the UK there used to be a chocolate bar named Topic, it was nutty from my memory.

Naturally curious I love meeting new people and getting a different perspective on life. I don’t think you should ever stop learning.

Seeing things different I think is healthy. It gives you a more rounder opinion. Whether it be how you make your tea,to your values and beliefs. There should never be judgment but appreciation as there is never a right or wrong answer.

There are so many topics I find riveting. I might not actively be able to contribute but I absorb knowledge like a big old 40+ woman.

As a mother living away from family my journey has at times been rocky. My kids are my life but as most will appreciate its not always been easy.

Before I had kids I made many many mistakes, got myself into silly situations, took reckless risks and probably unintentionally hurt people on the way.

When I became a parent those flaws didn’t just disappear. I didn’t suddenly become a model mum.

I was still that person, just less selfish as now I wasn’t my number one priority .

Honesty is a topic that interests me. How so many cope with the pressures that life and of course ourselves put on our shoulders. We are our harshest critics and with so many aspirational lives showcased on social media its hard sometimes to carry the baton.

I love cooking, although Im not the best cook.

I love reading and writing although again I’m not the best at either.

I aspire to wellness and looking after yourself which again I struggle with.

I don’t have the answers or even some of them.

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