My magnesium induced sleep takes me to places I hadn’t thought of for years. A concoction of people from my past all tipped into this dream soup. Most of them have never met, there only connection me however here there are in my dream laughing and gossiping.

Old lovers, old jobs, old situations. None of it makes sense but there are I am suspended in a moment. Some of these friends who at points my life were so important now merely a like on facebook. Not even a card at Christmas as nobody does cards now.

So underneath my weighted blanket like a cocoon my partner snores beside me. He is blissfully unaware of the elaborate adventures Im having beside him. I savor this time reconnecting like no time has passed then…. The alarm goes off its like a siren, urgently demanding I come back from my place in the dark silence and get up.

I don’t want to get up, leave this dream as I have no idea when we will meet again. But the alarm continues, the pattern of snoring from my partner changes and I know have to go.

My feet snug in my slippers, clutching my glasses and phone I stumble through the dark to the door. My partner who also has to get up takes every last possible moment. He is not a morning person. Never was, when the kids were tiny Id lay there grating my teeth waiting for him to get up for once to their crys. But no, he’d lay there suddenly deaf till I gave in.

Lola and Lily the cats are there in the kitchen waiting like cobras about to pounce on their prey. Preparing their relentless meowing and attempting to trip me up until I give in and feed them.

The house is still quiet, it smells warm as the heating has kicked in. Last nights dinner smells still lingers in the air.

Shoes abandoned by the front door, schoolbag and library book bags hung on the bannister.

My first stop ignoring the relentless demands of the cats is the kettle.

My best friend and most needed these early mornings to kickstart my energy for the day ahead.

Whilst that whistles I prepare lunchboxes despairing at the lack of “lunchbox” friendly healthy snacks are left. My children are gannets they snack all the time so I could quite easily go shopping everyday. I don’t…….

Breakfast on the table now ready I sit and savour the first few drops of coffee my much needed superpower in the morning.

Savouring the silence, the peace till the second alarm goes off and it all changes…..

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