Can you believe just a month ago…….

I was sat by the Atlantic sea. My freckly, Celtic skin exposed for the first time in years in a M&S bikini. My toe nails polished and preened, wiggling in the warm sand. Reading the same page of my book over and over again while watching, smiling and listening the screams of joy and fun from the girls.

Waiting for icecream.

Can you believe just a month ago there we were. Exploring a new place, flip flopping through cobbled streets in the warm evening evening. Staring into shop windows, Popping in when we fancy, all the while on the hunt for somewhere to eat. Yes, somewhere where you delight as a mum being served your food and not having to clear away after. All the way lazily sipping wine, listening to the girls excited chitter chatter and people watching. Imagining what their lives are like who they are…..

Flip flop, flip flop

Can you believe just a month ago….. I was naturally waking up, no alarm to be heard. Padding barefoot outside with my cuppa, sitting in the early morning sun, still not too hot and sipping my coffee. Having my quiet time, preparing my thoughts and really enjoying my fresh coffee. Not one thats been reheated in the microwave 3 times already. Listening to the birds and insects perhaps with my book and being present in the moment.

Can you believe just a month ago our garden’s were parched. Grass like straw scorched from the sun. Sunflowers ecstatic their faces raised high absorbing the sun’s ray’s.

The heat so intense and heavy making us all lethargic, drained, zapped of power and energy. The demands of everyday life made so much harder. Headlines screamed about record temperatures! Breaking new records hotter than Spain. Ice cream van’s delight, supermarket’s run out of crushed ice and portable fan’s. ……

Can you believe now we are home… The mad rush of the mornings resume. Im now reheating that coffee, making packed lunches and various breakfast’s. Kitchen Counters sticky from juice, cereal on the floor and every possible clothes drawer and wardrobe door open.. Grrrrrr Mad demands of forms to be signed ( 5 minutes before time time to leave of course 😉 Doors slam, shouting, rushing, hurried pecks on the cheek. Swimming bags not ready and homework not in bag..

Autumn is finally here. The air smells different somehow. The mornings are colder we say goodbye to our shorts. We put away the discarded water-gun’s and cover our garden furniture the remains of the summer. The sunflowers their heads now brown and burnt hang their heads down low, mourning the end of the summer. The landscape is now rich green from the rain. Scattered red and gold flecks tell us its time. Mother Nature has done us proud again but now its time for her to rest and prepare for the reliable winter ahead.

Sad sunflowers

Time now for snuggly socks, hot water bottles, fleecy dressing gowns and thick duvets. Flip flops, sun cream floppy hats all safely stored till next year. Candles lit, fire stoked and curtains pulled. Soups and hearty stews will keep us warm. Autumn we are ready xx

Thank you so much for reading. I hope you enjoyed it x

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