After too many long, lazy hot summer evenings drinking Rosé in the sunshine. Of corks being popped, the smell of barbecue’s and laughter in gardens. Swallow’s nose diving and bombing in the blue sky’s looking like they are having the most fun. And with the scent of lavender, the hum of insects and the chattering of birds. Summer tolls by into September our Indian summer and then the harvest.

My pocket of Luxembourg is the Moselle region. For 42 kilometers the River Moselle forms the borders with Germany. Its banks are marked with perfect lines of vines spaced with military position. Dotted between the vines are the charming unassuming village’s. Generation upon generation lovingly tend the vines. Even In the long dark days of winter they are tirelessly pruning and clearing and snipping each vine in order to give them the best chance through the bleak Luxembourg winter.

Through the seasons I walk Chloe my dog up and down the neat rows of vines and nod to the workers. At the beginning of the row a sign will tell you which Cave these vines belong to and which delicious wine we can look forward to it producing in years to come. Even in thick snow snipping and scrutinizing each vine ensuring that it is as it should be. And as the vines change from sticks in the ground, to sticks with buds to eventually healthy green foliage heavy with bunches of ripe beautiful grapes we know its time.

Not only is September when the schools return its also the harvest. Through the windy roads of the villages in the mornings tractors chug chug past pulling trailers full of workers. Ruddy faces bundled up for the chilly mornings they smile as you drive behind them and sometimes wave at the children on the way to school.

On my walks in September the vineyards are a hive of activity. You can smell the sweetness of the grapes in the air. We see the workers and hear the banter as they snip snip the bunches of grapes and pop them into their buckets. They work hard dutifully harvesting row upon row. Its hard work Im sure but there always seems to be a good atmosphere and many return year after year.

And then just like that the harvest is complete. The vines don’t look quite as proud of themselves as they once did. Empty of fruit, the lush green leaves beginning to change with the Autumn landscape. Now the work really begins.

The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is very proud of its wine production and Crémant. Although delicious it is very difficult to sample luxembourg wine outside of Luxembourg, Belgium and Germany. The wine makers sell virtually all within Luxembourg to all restaurants and bars. Events along the Moselle all year celebrate with Luxembourg produce. Every cork popped will be a local crémant.

Once again thank you for reading. I hope you enjoyed reading this and please, feel free to post any comments. Debbie x

My Pinot for next year

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