Out out

A normal Saturday night would be wine, food, snacks, my candles lit to hide the smell of dog farts and probably Strictly as I love sequins. Me and the kids all cozy on the sofa watching other people enjoying themselves. Lee not so a fan of sequins probably playing some war game upstairs. Sounds idilic I know but you can guarantee someone will be screaming, fighting or just stirring up trouble and at some point I will be shouting. Yes when the weather turns Autumnal like now that’s pretty much where I will be. So when a rare opportunity arises to go “out out” I guiltily jump to it. My kids are always indignant when I go out as I’m always bloody there! “But why do you need to go out Mummy?” “It’s not fair” Oh yes plenty of guilt but to no avail it’s a necessity.

Like most stay at home mum’s you are a people pleaser making sure everything runs smoothly.

It’s my job to create a warm safe place, a place that my children want to be. Whether that be with ice creams on hot summer’s days or hot chocolate and marshmallows on icy winter days that’s my job. But so often your wants and needs get overlooked. Having that break to refresh and rebalance, to recharge those batteries makes me more tolerant and a better mum. When these rare evenings occur I come back to a pigsty yes, but I’ve got the energy to deal with it.

Going into Centre Ville from mine is always a mission especially getting home. Taxi’s here cost a small fortune and the buses to mine are also not good. One wonderful thing about Luxembourg are the buses here are free! Yes it’s amazing if you live in town but in the middle of bloody nowhere like me not so easy. So on these occasions I normally stay at a friends. Bonus getting not only a night out but also a lay in Perfect!

We decided this week we’d bus into town, have a look around the shops then sit and eat and drink cocktails.

We had nothing booked so we wandered around. Got a few bits in the sale. Luxembourg is such a good night so many cool places to go. Its unexpected, you go down a cobbled street and there will be some bar tucked away in a corner with live music.

We ended up in Bazaar grabbed a table downstairs and waited for our other friend. With phones in our bags we chatted and laughed and laughed till our eyes leaked. Conversation easy we talked about everything as women do chat never an issue.

Cocktails flowing just this time we avoided the massive temptation to stay out. The last time I went out with this particular friend it was a 6am finish….. I didn’t know I still had it in me and although great I paid the price. And so rosy cheeked and giggly we left arm and arm slightly stumbling on the way to the last bus home.

And so here I am in my friends spare room. No hangover as we drank a gallon of water before bed. Still smiling to myself from memories of a great night.

And I’ve had my fix, my batteries are charged and I’m ready to return to my lovely home x

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