Chloe the dawg Part 3

Like having a baby. Nothing can quite prepare you for getting a puppy.

Particularly if everything you’d learnt was from the internet. We defiantly had all the gear but no idea…. We had tried unsuccessfully to coach the kids as not being too mad around her as she might be scared and she’d just left her siblings. Yep that pep talk went on deaf ears. Within an hour of getting home there were arguments about who was holding her, how they were holding her, how long they were holding her, who was picking up her poo. Thankfully it was a Sunday evening before school so after the tradition of pj’s milk, biscuit, brush teeth bed we could breath a sigh of relief.. Or not.

She was still very wary, scooting around on the tiled floor. Tiled floors thank the Lord! Investigations, exploring new smells, sounds seeing what to play with and what to jump off. The cats watched wide eyed. You could see the What the f**** expressions on their faces. Our cats were also rescue.

We suspect Lily is Lola’s mum but its not confirmed. They ruled the roost (and roast on Sunday’s) and well deserved of that position they were. Prior to Chloe they had suffered years of humiliation being dressed in babies clothes and pushed around our cul de sac in a pram. Never a hiss or swipe of the paw. They accepted their role and seemed to like the pram as they would fall asleep. Yes they were lovely cat’s fussy and demanding but good natured with the girls.

They stared at Chloe perched above like a coiled spring ready to jump if needed. Chloe oblivious to the upset she caused played with her new teddy which although small was bigger than her.

A doggy friend gave me some good advice she said. Whatever you do on the first couple of nights dont go down to her. She will cry but stay firm. Id had some experience of this with my kids with mixed results. Id tried controlled crying sitting outside praying they’d quieten down. At first I couldn’t do it. What listen to the pain in my babies cry’s?. But after experiencing what it is to look after a over tired baby who was teething and probably had nappy rash to boot. F*** that.

So we talked to her and popped her in her 5 star luxurious all inclusive crate. Complete with blankets, a bathroom area with poop pads more toys than Hamley’s

We kept a nightlight on and wished her goodnight. My husband who could probably sleep quite happily through an earthquake. Slept and snored and moved occasionally to let out a trumpet of gas. Me on the other hand laid there listening to the pitiful wimpers of a scared little puppy. Im not sure how long it went on for on that first night but it was a while. I laid there feeling like the biggest bitch just praying that she would tire herself out. It went on like that for a good few days. It was like I was auditioning for The Walking Dead but then it stopped she accepted.

Id get up early to let her out for a poo. There were lots of accidents so many. My go to kit bag consisted of gloves, air freshener , anti bac spray. She eventually got used to going just on the pad. We’d go completely overboard with the praise. « Good girl!,! Mummy’s girl did poo poo on the pad well done! The cats would look on in disgust. It was a family affair we’d all get on the gravy train as dog poo does not smell good.

After her vaccinations we, or should I say I started the process of taking her outside for a poo. Timing was essential just a few moments past 6 and Id be on my hands and knees cleaning crap. So id hot foot it out of bed, sling a coat over my pj’s and a very old pair of Ugg’s on and go outside. Stood outside waiting for a dog to crap can be a very long, lonely process. A time when you do not look or feel your best so you want solitude not every neighbour wanting a chat. Walking round and round occasionally thinking yep thats it only to discover just a wee no cigar. God ages Id be outside while my family slept blissfully unaware of where their mum was.

And then there was the chewing. Flip flops, shoes, reading glasses, toys basically anything left on the floor and in our house there was always stuff laying around got destroyed. Even the remote control one day succumbed to the jaw’s of Chloe. I was pleased about that as that meant no TV till amazon delivered.

She quickly made her presence known and became a constant companion to the girls. I had my moments of regret of course. Like when my husband decided as she was a mongrel dog she could pretty much eat anything. So he gave her mince chilli…… yep that was a good one. Or the time she watched me all afternoon planting daffodil bulbs then proceeded to dig the whole f***ing lot up. Or even the time I treated myself to some new shoes and she tore one of them up. Yep there were plenty of times but then in the evening we’d be watching a film and Id watch my kids and even the cat’s asleep with Chloe. Warm, content happy and loved. Then id give a sigh and appreciate how much she was worth it.

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